Friday, 28 April 2017 15:01

Large Request for Brocade and Hitachi Disk Arrays, please quote asap

RaRa Telecom Supply, Inc. is looking for the following equipment. Please quote at your earliest convenience:


Part Number Description Qty $
SI-1016-2-PREM-DC Brocade ADX1000 16
RPS9DC Broacade DC Power Supply 16
Hitachi AMS2500 Disk Array DC Rack Mount System with:
3276405-A.P RKHE2 Dummy Interface Assy 8
7846464.P 3U Universal Rail Kit 20
DF-F800-AKH300.P Modular 300GB SAS 15K RPM HDD 240
DF-F800-C2GK.P Modular 2GB Cache Module 32
DF-F800-DKF84.P AMS2300/2500 FC Interface Adapter 4x8Gbps FC Intf 8
DF-F800-RKAKD.P AMS2000 SAS/SATA Storage Expansion Tray DC 16
HDF800-BASE-H2DC.P AMS2500 DC Chassis w/2 controller 0 ports quad battery 4