Tuesday, 07 June 2016 15:44

For Sale: Alcatel Lucent DMXPress & Paradyne GranDSLAM

RaRa Telecom Supply, Inc. has the following Alcatel Lucent and Paradyne equipment available. Please let us know if you're interested:

Alcatel Lucent DMXPress
Part Number Description Qty.
A1AA005 MAIN CONT&TMG 108951062 1
A1AA006 DMXPRESS DS1/DS3 INTFC 108951070 1
A1AA017 DMXPRESS OC3 OPT PK 109188938 2
Paradyne GranDSlam
Part Number Description Qty.
8965-B1-000 GS8820 ADSL2 ATM LN 1
8820-A2-500 GSLAM 20-SLT CHAS 1
X Paradyne ATM Uplink with C3 SM IR 1
X Paradyne Interface Card 1