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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 18:33

Just Received: Alcatel Lucent 1603 Sonet Multiplexer

RaRa Telecom Supply, Inc. just received the following Alcatel Lucent 1603 Sonet Multiplexer. Please let us know if you're interested in purchasing any of the following:

Part Number Description Qty.
3AL00346AA01 1603SE NODE CONTR 2PRT 3AL00346AA 1
3AL00348AA01 1603 SE OC3 OPT INTFC 3AL00348AA 2
3AL00350AB01 1603SE SYSTEM MEM UN 3AL00350AB 1
3AL00328AA01 1603SM STS1/DS3 INTFC 3AL00328AA LIF 701 ICS STS1/DS3 2
625611-000-002 DMI102 DP MOD INTFC 2
3AL00290AA02 LDR101 LN-DRVR/RCVR UN 3AL00290AA DS3/STS1 2
3AL00114AB01 1603SM DS1-VTG MOD 3AL00114AB 2
600308-393-001-REV-H 1603SM PWR CONVR/SUP 600308-393-001 2
3AL00356AA FUSE UNIT -48V B 10A 1
625680-000-001 1603 SE SHELF ASSEMBLY 1