Tuesday, 07 August 2012 20:01

RFQ: ADC Fiberguide

RaRa Telecom Supply, Inc. is looking for pricing and lead time on the following ADC Fiberguide parts. Please quote:


Part Number Description Qty.
FGS-MSHS-A 4x4 Horizontal Straight Section 8
FGS-MDSP-A 4x4 Downspout 7
FGS-KT03-A Dual 2"Flex Tube Attachment 7
FGS-KTW1-C Vertical Slotted Duct Kit 12
FGS-MFAW-A 4x4 Snap-Fit Junction 16
FGS-MHRT-A 4x4 Horizontal T 1
FGS-HETR-5/8 Support Kit for existing 5/8 threaded rod 7