Wednesday, 22 September 2010 12:58

Looking for ADC equipment

RaRa Telecom Supply buys large quantities of DS3 modules. Please call us if you  have any of the following for sale:



ADC DS3 Modules DSX-4J-MBRC DS-3 Module DSX-4H-MBRC DS-3 Module DSX-4H-MBRC-BA DS-3 Module DSX-4H-SBRC DS-3 Module DSX4H-W3C DS-3 shelf DSX4J-W3C DS-3 shelf DSX4U-W4C DS-3 shelf DSX-4L-03R DS-3 Module DSX-4R-MB260 DS-3 Module DSX-4L-02R DS-3 Module DSX-4R-MB160 DS-3 Module DSX-4R-M60 DS-3 Module DSX-4R-MB140 DS-3 Module DSX-4R-MB240 DS-3 Module DSX-4R-M40 DS-3 Module DSX4R24MB40-C24 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R24MB40-D24 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R24MB40-D24 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R32MB60-D32 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R32MB60-C32 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R32MB40-D32 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R32MB40-C32 Loaded DS-3 shelf DSX4R24MB60-C24

Loaded DS-3 shelf